Creathome Inc was founded in Bay Area, California in 2019.
Creathome and Frame Design&Deco (FD&D) are our two major brands.


Creathome focuses on household hardware, including hooks, bathroom accessories, cabinet handles, etc. FD&D
specializes in automobile decoration, such as license plate frames, screw caps, etc.


We keep collecting and analyzing market information and always learn the needs of customers by
efficient communication. We aim to develop innovative and practical products for our customers.The mini daisy series of license plate frames is one of FD&D's star products designed by us independently.


We also provide OEM and ODM services. We have stable production supply chain in China. Our Chinese partner factories all have obtained ISO9001:2018 certificates and worked with Walmart, Target, Homedepot, and Lowes for years. They have met SMETA standards, promising to provide quality products on time.